Mr Lynch's Holiday

Mr Lynch's Holiday
Author(s): Catherine O'Flynn

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OCD 773

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Eamonn Lynch stares at the letter announcing the imminent arrival of his father, Dermot. His first thought is: I'll make an excuse, I'll put him off. But it is too late. Dermot is already here, in southern Spain, and soon he'll discover that Eamonn lives in an unfinished building site; that Laura's left him; and that it'll be just the pair of them for two long, hot weeks. Eamonn doesn't seem to know what to make of his father's arrival. Swept up in Eamonn's British expat neighbours' ceaseless barbecuing and bickering, both father and son slowly discover the truth about each other and the family past. But at the same time they uncover a shocking, unacknowledged secret at the heart of this beleaguered community.

A comic genius ... entertaining and often thoughtful' - Daily Mail
  • No. of CDs: 6
  • ISBN: 978-0-85735-904-9
  • Playing time: 7hrs 16mins



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