The Rebel Heart: Henry Gresham and the Earl of Essex

The Rebel Heart: Henry Gresham and the Earl of Essex
Author(s): Martin Stephen

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OCD 180

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It is 1598, and Elizabeth I is growing old. Her Court shivers with intrigue as to who will claim the throne when she dies. Will the Spanish attempt to invade once more, will Scotland's King James take the crown - or will the Queen's favourite, the upstart Earl of Essex, prove a surprise successor? One man with inside knowledge is young Henry Gresham. Commanded by Robert Cecil to deliver a mysterious letter to Scotland, and ever watchful of Essex's increasingly erratic behaviour, he soon becomes swept up in a battle for power that takes him to all corners of the British Isles - and dangerously close to death.

Henry Gresham is a hero for all seasons' - Val McDermid

'A rollicking tale of passion, treachery and derring-do - and the history is impeccable' - Daily Telegraph

  • Read by: Michael Tudor Barnes
  • No. of CDs: 12
  • ISBN: 978-1-84648-417-9
  • Playing time: 14hrs 40mins



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