The Solitude of Thomas Cave

The Solitude of Thomas Cave
Author(s): Georgina Harding

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It is August 1616. The whaling ship Heartsease has ventured high into the Arctic, but the crew must return home before the ice closes in. All, that is, save Thomas Cave. He makes a wager that he will remain there alone until the next season, though no man has yet been known to have survived a winter this far north. So he is left with provisions, shelter, and a journal - should he not live to tell the tale...

A first novel? The shimmering beauty and poise of the writing make that hard to believe ...Stoke the fire, roast some chestnuts and get reading' -The Times

'A bewitching story, beautifully told ...written with the clarity of poetry, and the simple weight of a parable, I loved this book' -Katie Hickman

  • Read by: Garrick Hagon
  • No. of CDs: 6
  • ISBN: 978-1-84648-269-4
  • Playing time: 6hrs 30mins



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