Whales for the Wizard

Whales for the Wizard
Author(s): Malcolm Archibald

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OCD 038

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Returning to the Dundee of 1860 after years in the army, Robert Douglas finds employment with George Gilbride, a whaling-ship owner known as the Wizard. Drugged by sinister gangster John Wyllie, Douglas awakes on board the steam-whaler Red gauntlet bound for the Arctic, and discovers that his companions believe the ship is haunted and do not expect to return. After an initial clash, Douglas befriends the ship's mate, 'Bully' Houston, and together they begin to unravel a year-old mystery ...

It has a jolting opening, an unashamedly fast pace, and a compelling hero in Robert Douglas' - The Scotsman

'The author's imaginative empathy for his subject ... creates a pleasurable sense of historical authenticity in his novel ... without clogging the arteries of adventure' - Sunday Herald

  • Read by: Robbie McNab
  • No. of CDs: 8
  • ISBN: 1-84648-079-5
  • Playing time: 9hrs 50mins



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