White Rose Rebel

White Rose Rebel
Author(s): Janet Paisley

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OCD 166

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Anne Farquharson is a young Highlander - tempestuous, bold, determined to be her own woman. Yet her clan - like its neighbours and rivals - is under threat.The Highlands suffer at the domineering hand of English King George, while there are rumours that Bonnie Prince Charlie is seeking to raise an army in a bid for the throne ...When Anne agrees to marry a clan chief, she and her supporters are drawn into the heart of the brutal and bloody conflict. As the Jacobite rebellion escalates, she and her husband find themselves on opposite sides of the battlefield. In a time when civil war is tearing the nation apart, Anne believes she can be a match for anyone. By sword. By conviction. By passion.

Contemporary Scottish fiction writing at its finest' - Herald

'An instant classic' - Ali Smith on Not for Glory

  • Read by: Carolyn Bonnyman
  • No. of CDs: 13
  • ISBN: 978-1-84648-385-1
  • Playing time: 15hrs 40mins



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